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  • 1997 80 Series 4.5 Petrol Turbo Charging model with hot wire air mass sensor and no oxygen sensor. 
Turbo kit fitted $6,990.00 front mount cooler, 3" exhaust, chassis dyno report before and after. Reliable low boost 5PSI giving up to 80% torque gain for towing. 5 days install time, at our premises. Quoted costs assume original injectors are clean along with air and fuel filter, fuel pump in good working condition.
This model 4.5 Petrol is the best model to Turbo Charge.  Please see below Dyno Graph, showing before and after turbo installation.
No longer sent out in kit form.
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  • 80 Series Petrol Land Cruiser
From the first time I rang and spoke to Turbo Glide, I could tell that you guys love what you do, and are very passionate about your work. For those who want the power of a 200 Series Land Cruiser, without the cost of an upgrade of a new car, a Turbo Glide fitted turbo is definitely the way to go.
Towing the boat up Bulli Pass now seems effortless all that power and torque, nearly double from standard and as an added bonus I found a 25% reduction in fuel while towing I couldn't be more happier. The workmanship is also flawless. It's like a dream to drive.

A big thank you to John, Lesa and the team.

  • Dyno Report on 1997 80 Series Auto 4.5 Petrol. 
Figures achieved at 6PSI.
Red lines are pre turbo, Blue lines are after turbo fitment.
In this particular vehicle, torque prior Turbo was 296 NM after Turbo 523 NM.
Kilowatts at wheels before Turbo are 96. after Turbo 167. Power figures vary vehicle to vehicle generally 80% torque gain achieved, which is ideal for towing. Vehicle tested using 95 Octane Fuel and above.
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80 Series Petrol Landcruiser Turbo Kit fitted - Toyota

P.O.A. Call (02) 4284 7882

Product Description

Parts not sold separately.

Manifolds not sold separately.

Information on DIY installs not provided via phone or email enquiry.

In house fit ups only.


Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Petrol Turbo kit Vehicles fitted with Inter Cooler Dyno report before and after. Copy of report supplied on completion of fitment