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Petrol model Land Cruiser - 80 Series - Turbo Install

Hi John, Lesa and the boys,

Well - I put two horses in the float and headed for a significant hill near home.

Unfortunately I sustained a significant neck strain while undertaking this exercise and wish to submit a medical bill, this injury was sustained by constantly checking the rear vision mirror to see if the bloody float was still on the back of the mighty Toyota. 

Absolutely perfect John. Thing pulls like my 400 Cummins!!!! After the work on the 02 sensor and the knock sensor and coupled up to the Turbo installation and of course my very light right foot can you believe I am seeing a 44% increase in fuel mileage against the last recorded fuel numbers.

Could not be happier with the install and it is a credit to you all --- THANKS

I would be happy for you to give my number to any prospective customer who may have doubts about getting their 80 Series done.