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Mitsubishi Fuso


Just a little feedback on the 7 metre Mitsubishi Fuso 6D16. 7.5 litre. Your knowledge of turbos and everything diesel was apparent from our first meeting and everything you predicted did in fact happen, oil consumption was nil during the six hundred kilometres to home. Exhaust smoke was little to none depending on acceleration and the degree of the incline we were climbing, a massive improvement on before.

The most noticeable improvement of all was the increase in power and torque, the way it climbed hills with very minimal gear changes required while towing the five door suzuki put a grin on me that couldn't be removed.

I know the team at Turbo Glide went the extra mile to fit the turbo to a bus with East West engine and the exhaust manifold at the front leaving the only access through the floor or from underneath and they deserve congratulations for their effort, they have changed the vehicle that previously had a low power problem at higher elevation into one that is a pleasure to drive on the plains or in the mountains.

Thanks again gan.