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Isuzu Truck FTR850 Sitec 200

Hi Everybody, Thank you all for your good work and smiling faces you're a great team!

The turbo install on my Isuzu truck is a very neat and tidy and professional job, best of all it made a big improvement I have tested it with full load 7 tons in the back, it's more lively and a good deal faster getting up speed plus at least 1 higher gear getting up the hills - excellent, very happy guys! I tackle the hills with confidence now no more worries or heart beating, if I'll make it to the top. It's better than a new reconditioned engine as it has more torque and power with the turbo. I was told from mechanic's and turbo installers up here in QLD that it could not be done! - said I would have to buy the next model engine or truck with factory turbo, leaving me a bit distressed as I only bought this truck earlier this year and spend a lot of time & money setting up hills it was also slow and had to work hard to get up to speed - but you did it despite everybody else saying it cant be done! Once again THANK YOU!

All the best everybody and thanks for my turbo!

Regards Dennis.