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Aluminium Elbows

We manufacture and supply a wide range of aluminium elbows. For a listing of some of our elbows etc. scroll to the bottom of the page.

View some of our range below including:  

  • Alloy elbows & reducers ideal for tight intercooler applications.
  • Exhaust outlet flanges to suit T28, T28BB turbocharger.
  • Universal intercooler tanks.
  • Stainless mounting flange for T25 & T28 turbocharger.





Universal alloy 90 deg elbows.

Tight 90 deg and flat 90 deg.

Reducing elbows from:

2.00” to 2.00”
2.00” to 2.25”
2.00” to 2.50”
2.00” to 2.75”
2.25” to 2.25”
2.25” to 2.38”
2.25” to 2.50”
2.25” to 3.00”
2.50” to 3.00”
2.50” to 2.50”
2.50” to 4.00”
2.75” to 2.75”
2.75” to 3.00”

2.50” and 2.75” are common used sizes in many Japanese petrol and diesel inlet manifold and throttle body assemblies.

These elbows are ideal for use in intercooler fit up, air inlet and outlet to turbochargers in tight places, for after market intercooler and turbocharger fit ups.
Stainless steel mounts for T25 and T28 applications are to be used as start of custom exhaust manifolds.

Cast iron T25 and T28 V band exhaust outlet adaptors.

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