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About Us

The company began as Ariah Park Motors and Engineering, in 1965, located in South West NSW and carrying out work on diesel and petrol tractors and trucks. After relocating to Wollongong in 1970 we began the business Russell Vale Auto Repair and Diesel Tune. The business then began to develop turbo kits for petrol engineered vehicles, this coupled with a large background in diesel lead to also being developed for passenger and commercial diesel powered vehicles. The business continued to grow and relocated to larger premises and changed its name to Turbo Glide Diesel Tune. Turbo Glide now designs, develops and installs diesel turbo kits for many varied applications. Turbo Glide is one of the very early pioneers in the use of chassis dynometers for the use of diesel tuning for emission control and optimum power gains. All diesel vehicles booked in for turbo installation and tuning are tested before and after the event. 

Turbo Glide prides itself on being wholly Australian owned, employing Australian foundries, machine shops and suppliers. All mechanics on the shop floor are diesel qualified.